– Available in both DIN and BS range
– Optimized design to achieve high capacities
– Long life service
– Readily available
– Low maintenance requirements

1. Light-duty applications:
– Single shift operation with light usage of
– the battery and discharge lower than 60% of C 5

2. Normal-duty applications:
– Single shift operation with discharge up to 80% of C 5 . Electrolyte at 30 o C.

3. Heavy-duty applications:
Single shift operation with discharges of 80% of C 5 and high discharge currents.
Boost charging to increase the availability of the battery.
Multi shift operation with or without battery charges in intervals, in between operation.
High ambient temperature.

Mechanical Construction

1. Positive Plate
2. Negative Plate
3. Plate Set
4. Plate Set Assembly with terminal bridge and screw terminal
5. Sediment spacer
6. Cell container
7. Cell id
8. Pole with threaded insert and sealing ring
9. Anti-surge baffle
10. Topping up vent plg
11. Flexible cell connector
12. Plastic head bolt