Our experience in industrial market in Indonesian since 1980, has been giving us knowledge and know-how how to become a reliable and trustworthy general technical supplier.

As our based in White Rock – South Surrey, BC, Canada, our sourcings mostly come from North America and European manufacturers

One of the most product using our own (private) brand is Great Ark Industrial Battery, imported from one of the best European manufacturers, so that we could give 2 years warranty, even with the Contract Service we could provide 4-6 years warranty to our customers.

Why we are doing that…? We realized that the environment is the most important and valuable thing for our next generation, we don’t just say “green environment” as the slogan, but we have been practicing for years by maintaining Lead Acid hazardous material so that the individual battery could last much longer and recycling it with the best environment methods.

We also provide – manufacture independent – vacuum components and repair kits such as air and oil filters, valves and vanes, sealing- and repair kits, spare and wear parts from the following manufacturers:
– Leybold Vacuum (Oerlikon Leybold)
– Pfeiffer Vacuum
– Busch Vacuum
– Edwards Vacuum
– Agilent/Varian Vacuum
– Aerzen Maschinenfabrik
– Elmo Rietschle
– Becker

Also for Industrial Oil / Greases / Lubricants:
– Mineral Oils: beside Leybonol of Leybold, we have our private labelĀ  NVO 100, NVO 110, NVO 120, NVO 130.
– Diffusion Pump Oils : NVO 704, NVO 705 that are equivalent with DC 704 and DC 705 respectively

As an consultant of Centrifuge Separator for Soap making plant from Flottweg Veronesi in Germany, we also welcome your inquiries for Flottweg decanter/ tricanter for fish oil manufacturer, waste water treatment plant, etc…

If you are in Indonesia, please visit our distributor PT. NAFVIRA (nafvira.com) or email them at sales@nafvira.com

Thanks for visiting our site, if you have questions or inquiries please don’t hesitate to drop us an email to: support@amexcana.ca